Inquiry Submission By Omkar

Me and my friends booked a 2 pm bus VIP Van from Phom Phem to Siem Reap. Expected journey time 5-6 hours. We reached pickup station on time , Bus departed on time however Bus stopped at another pickup spot to pick others. Bus waited there for more than 30 mins until it got full. They call it VIP van but its just an ordinary VAN , very dirty from inside. There were chewing gums stuck over the back of the seats.

After picking up all passengers, Driver stopped at petrol pump station to fill the petrol. Then driver decided to buy a new set of Tyres. VAN trunk was full of luguage bags , in order to fit in the new set of tyres , Driver pulled out half of the bags from trunk and asked the repspective passengers to stuf it near the legroom space.

After this , driving for 30 mins , Driver decides to stop again to fit in the new set of tyres. Waste of 30-40 mins again.

Next stop was again after 2 hours for coffee break. 30 mins spent here again.

Finally , we were able to make it to Siem Reap around 9:30 pm. Almost 7:30 hours.

Never ever book Virak Bantham Van or Bus when in Combodia.