Inquiry Submission By Sandra L

DO NOT use if you value your safety!!!

No WiFi, no toilet, nowhere to sit, rude staff, bad communication, downright creepy and unsafe.

Two females on overnight bus from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City.

On the bus can only walk sideways down the corridor and have to share a single bed space where one cannot even sit up straight. Spent 16 hours in a semi-reclined position.

Made to go toilet in open next to the road, with the driver staring at us the whole time.

Driver and staff made us feel very unsafe from driving to intimidating demeanour and you are literally trapped in the situation.

Would stop randomly without explanation and drive off without all passengers returning. At one point it drove off without my friend and only after hysterically screaming and yelling at them for 20 seconds, did they turn around, laughing at both of us, who were traumatised at this point.

Every female in the bus shed tears at some point along the journey.

A few times I really thought I would die on this bus ride. It really was that bad.

Need a few days to get over this experience before we continue our travel.

Check the reviews and believe it is as bad as everyone say. This is not cheap and cheerful, or value for money. This is gambling with your life.