Inquiry Submission By Adam

I will enter Cambodia twice. The first entry will be at the Siem Riep airport and the second at the Sihanoukville cruise port. I know that I need to get two tourist visas. I know that Siem Riep accepts the eVisa and that the port does not. I want to avoid paying the cruise line the $89 visa fee for arrival in Sihanoukville.

Can I execute the following?

– get a $37 eVisa in advance of my Siem Riep arrival

– stand in line for a $30 Visa on Arrival

– use the eVisa at the immigration counter (therefore “retaining” my VoA)

– use the VoA at the Sihanoukville port

I know this is a longshot, but I’d love to save the $60 x 2. I guess it comes down to whether I can hold two visas at once (will they even know?). If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know.