Inquiry Submission By Pankaj H


I am planning to visit Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2018 from India.

My First destination is India –> Hanoi –> Ho Chi Minh –> Phnom Penh –> Siem Reap –> India

My Entry point in Hanoi Airport and Exit point in Siem Reap Airport.

From Ho Chim Minh city i am planning to travel via bus to Phnom Penh.

I have looked into the websites and find out the below information about VISA :

1. Around 42$ Vietnam Visa Fee (17$ for the letter and 25$ for the stamping on Hanoi airport)

2. Cambodia on arrival visa fee of 30$

My questions as below :

1. When i will exit from Ho Chi Minh city, do i have to go to Immigration office and get a stamp on my passport of exiting Vietnam? If Yes where i need to go? Is it in Ho Chi Minh city or i need to do this at the International border crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia?

2. Any known scams for getting visa on arrival between Vietnam and cambodia border? or the process is very smoother? Just submit the forms, pay the money and will get the visa?

Please advice on my queries.

Thanks in advance