Inquiry Submission By diya_arora48

Hi there!

While I understand people would have asked you this question previously however I couldn?t find the desired info in pinned post too.

I am an Indian & will be flying to Cambodia, stay there for a week & will go to Phu Quoc though road-ferry from Ha Tien. From Phu Quoc, will take a flight to Hanoi, Danang and eventually to Ho Chi Minh & from HCM, have a flight back to India.

1) Hope VOA option in Cambodia with exact change of USD 30 is applicable for Indians too. Please let me know if otherwise.

2) Can I apply for single entry e-visa in India? (I?m not sure of the port name in Vietnam I shall be entering through)

3) Can I apply for VISA at Pnom Penh or Siem Reap only during my stay there? As I think it might be cheaper but i may be wrong.