Inquiry Submission By stepurcell

Hi Guys,

here’s the conundrum, I would be most grateful for your wisdom on this one please, right we crossed the border at Poi pet from Thailand to Cambodia, I requested ordinary visa’s not tourist visa’s as we had jobs lined up, I happen to be side tracked at payment frantically searching for the extra 100 Thai baht, nevertheless we paid our money in $$$$’s and to my amazement found they had issued us with a 30 day tourist visa, apparently once issued cannot change…? tried in vain but fell on deaf ears… we can extend our tourist visa for 30 days more which will take us up to the 8th May, after which we need to do a border run and reapply for an ordinary visa (the one we initially asked for)?.My question is simply this what is our chances atm for doing a border run and getting our ordinary visa I in May???? Cheers and stay safe