Inquiry Submission By Emma R

Hi TA forum, just wondering if someone can advise about safety with walking at night?

I’m a solo female traveller, looking to stay either near Street 240 or BKK1 area, which area would be consider safer for walking alone at night.

I don’t plan on walking far from my hotel but definitely want to have dinner at some of the great restaurants I’m reading about and if close to my hotel walk back after. I don’t see the point of getting a tuk tuk 500 meters or so, but would also like to know it’s safe to walk back at night – say 8-9pm.

Obviously I would take the same precautions as in big city (not have phone out, no flashy jewellery etc) but would love some thoughts on which area would be A) easier to walk around B) safer – i.e. well lit, footpaths.

Also on a side note, does PP have any streets that can be considered “pretty” – nice tree lined streets with historical buildings?

Thanks ­čÖé