Inquiry Submission By melbfrequentflyer

We travelled from Siem Reap to PP on Sorya a few days ago.

The trip was terrible – the AC broke 10kms in, my seat was broken and we had to put up with loud and obnoxious Sorya staff getting drunk in the back seat.

However, what potential passengers should be really concerned about is that a staff member stole items from one of our backpacks while it was in the hold. The bags are kept on the bottom floor of a double decker bus, rather than in an area only accessible by a door on the outside of the bus.

He stole a camera, head torch and a stubbie holder (beer cooler). He also broke a zip on a smaller bag inside the backpack, presumably looking for valuables. We’re kicking ourselves for having the camera in that bag (out of our sight), but it’s still disgraceful behaviour by Sorya. The backpack was locked, but the compartment still accessible from the top. We’ll be carefully using cable ties from now on.

I’ve contacted the company, but haven’t received a reply.

Don’t do it to yourself! Drunken, unprofessional thieves.