Inquiry Submission By dooley1

Will be docking from our cruise ship for only one short day in Sihanoukville. We know we have to pay visa whatever we do, on or off the ship.

We?re not keen to take cruise ship excursions, would rather to wander around a bit, eat local food, and support any local charities or enterprises, I?m also keen on cookery classes. Not keen on visiting orphanages and schools. Experience teaches how detrimental this can be.

We?re aware that many people are probably rightly concerned how Sihanoukville is being developed, we can?t comment not being before.

Any suggestions, would love to taste the crabs etc but decided we don?t want to spend hrs in a minibus, so keep it within an hr of ship if possible.

Also can we just get off ship and make our way to pick up ?