Inquiry Submission By 782celiab

Hello, we are a family with 2 kids aged 7 and 10, planning to spend about 5 weeks in Cambodia as part of our year-long round the world trip. We are arriving in Phom Penh on February 9. We have been to Tanzania, Madagascar and Sri Lanka previously.

We are looking for smallish towns to settle in for a week or so, a place to rent an apartment, cook our own meals, so our homeschooling and then have excursions during the afternoon (sometimes the excursion is visiting a site, sometimes it?s mailing a letter). We?ve loved smaller towns where we can get to know it a little bit, buying our fruit from the same stand every day for example. We?d like to avoid highly ?made for tourist? places (we are currently in Ella in Sri Lanka, and if you have been here you know what I mean).

Any suggestions for places like this in Cambodia?

Thank you!