Inquiry Submission By Silk_Zither

Thought I’d share my experiences on bottled water when I was visiting Cambodia and Thailand last month. I drink a lot of tea, and am very picky about the water I use, as it affects the tea’s taste.

I’m no water scientist, so I can only judge the water quality from 2 simple perspectives: how clear the water boils in my kettle, and how good it tastes in my mouth.

Cambodia: Dasani water boils crystal clear and it tastes great. In Siem Reap, there is an “Asian Market Supermarket” that sells this brand, it’s on google maps.

Thailand: My god there are a lot of brands here! I’ve tried nearly every one of them and they all leave nasty residues in my kettle after boiling, except for one: 7-Select. It’s only sold from 7/11 stores, but these stores are everywhere. 7-select not only boils clear, but definitely tastes better. In the end, it even cleaned my kettle of residues the other brands had left.

One last note: I’d avoid ice in drinks here; it’s probably not a problem, but better be safe than sorry. When ordering your drinks, just tell them not to put ice.