Inquiry Submission By djg1974

I?ve been to Cambodia half a dozen times and I always get a Tuk Tuk from the airport, not to save money, just because I like to ride in a Tuk Tuk.

On arrival at PNH yesterday I was quoted a price of ?40000 Cambodian money?. I was happy with $10 so I agreed. When getting in the vehicle the driver asked me ?you have Cambodian money ??.

I told him ?no, I have USD?. He said ?We will stop on the way and get Cambodian money?.

I told him that I would pay in USD. He tried to tell me that everything in Cambodia had to be paid for in Cambodian money. I told him I was a regular visitor to Cambodia and that I knew he was lying. I walked away and found another driver who was more than happy to be paid in USD.

I love travelling to Cambodia and I?m more than happy to keep travelling there, just getting fed up with the number of people trying to con me.

So, I know he was lying but I don?t understand Why. Any ideas?