Inquiry Submission By pmgeorgexx

I am a UK citizen living in Cambodia. I have tried, but failed, to get US visas for my Cambodian wife and step-daughter. I had prepared a lot of supporting documents (bank statements, marriage certificate, evidence of ties in Cambodia etc). But the Embassy staff refused the visas without even looking at these documents. My wife was asked why she was going to the US and she said it was to visit her husband’s daughter and family. She had documents available to show that this was true but the Emassy staffer did not look at them. The standardised letter that my wife was given said that the visas had been refused because she had not demonstrated any ties to her home country. Again she had documents to show that she had such ties but these were not seen. Is this arbitrary refusal common? Could it be related to my wife’s ethnicity and/or is Phnom Penh Embassy notoriously difficult?