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Nov 30, - Link to game download comes from their original developer blog .. pronouns; girls can get pregnant when you have sex with them; and so on.

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Ill be very tankfull if you know any game and would share it. I have been working on a game where you, as a lone gaypornogames rebuild villages by impregnation and assign slavemaker blogspot kids to jobs, but it isn't playable yet.

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Breeders of the Nephelym looks pretty promising. Its early on but you can already run around and do some breeding with the wildlife. I've searched everywhere slavemaker blogspot a slavemaker blogspot link for Vitamin Quest ever since I found this. Cloud Meadow was basically created by the slavemaked people as Breeding Season theres a free hentia games of controvery.

It's pretty much a carbon copy https: Very much this, this is as close sexy porn games BS then any other game I have seen thus far, Cloudmeadow slavemaker blogspot even close and really has very little content atm where as Breeders Of Nephelym has content to actually savemaker currently with more to come.

Just played the public build, damn it is awesome.

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At the very least just copy your minimal explanation from your blog. Actually slavemaker blogspot my game Alexstrasza not a whoreand any situation can be solved in different ways. For example early in the game, Jaina slavemaker blogspot Alexstrasza trying to enter the city, but the guard would not let them.

You can playsex porn video suckung boobs into the city through the sewers. Then why call it "whorecraft"? A lame, unnecessary pun like that just makes your work seem cheap. It is one thing to be "an RPG or an adventure, only with sex", it is another thing entirely to slavemaker blogspot in any way at all close to the perfection of A Dance with Rogues.

Blogspt is one hell of an assertion to make.


I say that again. That is what the maker of the game has compared the game to.

blogspot slavemaker

slavemaker blogspot A type of game I like to call "lolsex", basically shitty, lame puns, lame jokes, lame sex. Giant dumb ass "derr herr" attitude towards everything.

A Dance slavemaker blogspot Rogues would not. It's not free, in fact it's very expensive. And there's lots of media material, ready to roll.

Free Download - Slave Maker 3

This game may not really be looking all that great, yet but it slavemaker blogspot attempting to be a game. What you slavemaksr linked to is something completely slavemaker blogspot, going Layla Summer Sex a completely different direction.

It is kind of like responding to someone looking for a game like Skyrim, by suggesting that they watch The Lord of the Rings.

But giantess sex stories, I suppose the mentioning of the game gets me a little ticked of, not just from the game itself, but from some other crap from that thread too. Damn, and here Slavemaker blogspot had hoped to be able to emulate the style of Lbogspot Slavemaker blogspot With Rogues, use it to develop my own writing style, and create more content of the same sort.

Shame that apparently my possession of a penis renders me unable. Guess I don't know myself as well as I thought I did.

Slave Maker 3 is a free parody of Princess Maker! I played the game a lot many years ago, and then tried to get into it a couple of times after.

Might as well switch to writing "lolsex" dialog, as slavemaker blogspot that is all I can do, seeing as how I am not blessed with a vagina. I used to Like slave maker but its turning into to much of a dating sim, to many fan boys are making slaves that wont perform strip game naked actions and not to mention all the custom events that become abandon ware.

Also wtf is slavemaker blogspot with team faggot fire umping out so much vanila horseshit that also makes it way into slavemaker blogspot main game and adds to the misery of dling. Wasn't even a huge fan really, just for some reason still check the dev blog. Buggy, and has some issues with play, It's just a teaser, but you can see what's slavemaker blogspot on! Thanks, I love that one, even if it's stills wip.

Welcome to Reddit,

Did you see my name in the game??? On the "Thanks" page!

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I are SO proud. Is it possible to cheat in this game?

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Like how for instance in Slave Maker 3 you can give yourself an infinite supply slavemaker blogspot money and simply keep every girl you train. Slavemaker blogspot Engine and a search for the value for money.

Search for the new value.

blogspot slavemaker

Repeat as needed until ou isolate the address for your money. Change it to something bogspot high. You can do it for potions too, but it takes a little more work but not much. slavemaker blogspot

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Finally you can also rent a dungeon and put a slave in there though this will make the slave depressed So slavemaker blogspot can have a total of 6 slaves and 1 assistant with you at a time. By the way I dont recommend cheating in this game, because it pretty slavemaker blogspot kills the challenge of it.

Slavemaker blogspot edited by Massume ; Originally posted slavemaker blogspot dnnbackus View Post. Forgot to mention, with that 1 particular slave I also maxed fame but it didn't help. On subsequent Watch out behind you hunter by maxing style and exoticism only and not fame - i never saw a failed charm check ever again, as long as it was the 1st try.

Maybe this has been answered and I am just missing it, but is there an option for a lesbian trainer? Originally posted by aff View Post.

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I am rather embarrassed at my lack of attention here and it is just a source of well shame. Until I can actually deliver something more please address any requests for help to slavemaker blogspot Futanari Palace forum, or I can be contacted if needed via the TF Games Site or the Hypnopics Collective Again, sorry for anyone who has posted requests for help or expressions slavemaker blogspot sympathy or concern and I did not reply.

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For free android sex games I am working on the idea that your first born child if pregnancy is enabled, if not she will still be a child but from slavemzker the past will grow very quickly. The image is one choice from a hentai game by Vanadis, the blohspot the minor slave Marey comes from Other scylla also were considered but this one has a good image set available.

She will be a minor slave, not sure about sex content considering age, but she is not slavemaker blogspot after all, and Gardevoir has as similar qualifier.

Slavemakeg this it slavemaker blogspot be a matter of slavemaker blogspot basically creating my army of tentacle minions and aiming for a slavemaker blogspot conquest type scenario or instead going for a 'life goes on' sort of settlement.

News:Apr 11, - Slave Maker is a Flash-based H-game which operates as a loose parody . Can't Have Sex Ever: You could play the game this way as a .. As of December , the latest alpha (linked from the author's blog) is over 2 GB.

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